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The Keshet Program

Published on Jan 5, 2020

Tavor from above

Over the course of a year, Daniel, a graduate of the seventh graduating class, documented the activities of the preparatory program from the air. This is a small taste of the scenery and sights of the preparatory year where you can learn to love the earth from your feet.

Published on Oct 4, 2017

Amichai chikli – Tavor Leadership Academy


Published on Oct 4, 2017

70 Journey

70 Journey is a journey of emissaries that was founded by Eliasaf Peretz and Amichai Chikli, to mark the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel. The project was led by educational and social organizations in partnership with the ministry of education alongside thousands of elementary through high school students and youth movements.

Published on Apr 25, 2018

Confrontation with the head of the secular forum

Confrontation in the Ulpan: Chairman of the ‘Secular Forum’ in front of the head of the Tavor preparatory program, Amichai Shikli.

Published on Jun 23, 2018

Mecinat Tavor

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Published on Jul 31, 2017

Keshet. A different leadership

Keshet – a two-year program for the development of young leadership in high schools.

Published on Feb 7, 2017

Content by Amichai Chikli


Published on Feb 7, 2017

Keshet Program


Published on Oct 29, 2019

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